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Environmental Psychology (HH/PSYC 3450)

Environmental Psychology (HH/PSYC 3450)

Environmental Psychology

Course Code: HH/PSYC 3450/6710
Course Date: February 17, 2024 to February 25, 2024
Course Instructor: Adrienne Perry

Course Description

Environmental Psychology is the study of the bi-directional interaction between people and their environments. It includes the effect of natural and built environments on people's well-being and also the impact humans are having on the environment broadly. Environmental psychologists examine people's thoughts, feelings, attitudes, motivation, resistance, and behaviour in relation to environmental factors. In particular, this course will focus on human behaviour and how to encourage pro-environmental behaviour.

Summer 2022

The course ran from July 18 - 27, 2022. The instructor was Dr. Adrienne Perry from the Faculty of Health. Photos by Don Downer.
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