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Food, Land and Culture (ENVS 5011)

Food, Land and Culture (ENVS 5011)

Food, Land and Culture

Course Code: ENVS 4011/5011
Course Date: June 3, 2020 to June 12, 2020
Course Instructor: Adrian Smith

Course Description

Food, glorious food -- but what about the workers who produce it? What about the labouring bodies who toil in fields, factories and elsewhere to harvest and prepare it? And what of the role of food in the daily and generational existence of communities? To talk about food and labour is to presuppose an understanding of land and belonging. Even more, food, labour, land and belonging work through and are governed by regimes of law and governance, from state-based to Indigenous legal traditions. The course will explore the shifting nature of food politics across space and time. Participants will gain critical appreciation for how communities have fought for food, land and culture. We will draw from ongoing examples of Indigenous communal relations, colonial plantation economies, neo-colonial agro-food regimes, urban food initiatives, among others, in ways that prioritize the research interests of participants.
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