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Promoting Global Health

Promoting Global Health

Promoting Global Health

Course Code: HH/GH 4000
Course Date: May 23, 2023 to June 1, 2023
Course Instructor: Amrita Daftary

Course Description

Global health disparities are rooted in poverty, gender and social inequality, colonization, policy and politics, climate-change, conflict, governance, and other structural factors. The Las Nubes Study Abroad version of GH 4000 Promoting Global Health will immerse students in a unique learning environment to inquire and reflect upon the social and structural determinants of health. Through tailored course material, field excursions, and discussions, students will be exposed to the rich, complex history and social landscape of Costa Rica, and given opportunity to draw on health promotion principles to imagine approaches to achieving health for all. Parallels will be drawn with other global health settings and challenges, and students will gain cognizance about community resilience, respect, and principles of global allyship. Students from all faculties and departments (including other universities) are welcome and encouraged to apply for this multidisciplinary course. Students enrolled in the School of Global Health may take this course as an elective.

Sample schedule

April: pre-departure orientation lectures (up to 2, Zoom)

May 22: pick up at San Jose airport

May 23-June 1: immersive course experience comprised of lectures, discussions, and excursions in San Jose, the Las Nubes eco-campus and San Isidro corridor, involving diverse actors, institutions, and environments relevant to health, social equity, and health promotion.

June 2: drop off at San Jose airport

June 9: debrief lecture (Zoom)

Sample evaluations

Short quizzes and reflections (oral, written, mixed media), participation, plus a final paper due 2 weeks after the course concludes
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