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Buried Seeds (2022)

1hr 1min 17sec | Documentary | Peasants, Rural Wellbeing, Identity | February 10, 2022

Buried Seeds (2022) looks at the life experiences of twenty peasants in Southern Costa Rica, their sense of identity, their daily struggles, the threats to their ways of life, and what sustains them. The stories told in their own words reveal how they see their place in the world and how they contribute to local and global wellbeing. The documentary offers viewers a deeper understanding of the lives of peasants and how a world without peasants is hard to imagine.

Buried Seeds was directed by Felipe Montoya, with Mburucuya Marcela Ortiz Imlach as the academic lead. This documentary was made by the Las Nubes Project in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC) and the Faculty of Health (FoH) at York University in collaboration with the Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica, San Carlos Campus and York Libraries and the financial support of EUC, FoH, York International and York Libraries.

Official Trailer


Cast and Crew

DirectorFelipe Montoya
Academic LeadMburucuya Marcela Ortiz Imlach
Shared StoriesPepe Arias, Rómulo Fonseca, Julieta Elizondo, Marvin Arias, Rosanery Rivera, Jorge Arias, Irma Fonseca, Wilson Arias, Grettel Fonseca, Sebastian Culbreth, Casey McConnell, Jose Mora, Elías Romero, Zoraida Vargas, Rafa Borge, Javier Calderón, Leidy Bolaños, Roberto Diaz, Eduardo Rojas, Alejandra López
Executive ProducersJulie Hard, Ana Maria Martinez, Felipe Montoya, Mathieu Poirier
Camera Oscar Protti
EditorsOscar Protti, Felipe Montoya
InterviewsFelipe Montoya, Douglas Barraza
AdvisorsChris Cavanagh, Kelly Parke
YUL Advisors & RepositoryDana Craig, Tom Scott, Anna St. Onge
Post-production GraphicsJoel Famadico Jr.
York University StudentsGurjit Toor, Vidya Gomes, Maleeha Meghjee
Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica FacultyBenhil José Sánchez-Porras, María Gabriela Castillo-Hernández, Gerardo Matamoros-Arce, Ana Lucia Valerio, Douglas Barraza
Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica StudentsDonald Eduardo Alpizar Hidalgo, Alison Melissa Araya Ugalde, Stefany Sofia Castro Rodriguez, Tamara Chacon Duarte, Anthony Jossue Chinchilla Guzman, Yensi Maria Cordoba Salguera, Angie Yaricza Fernandez Saravia, Denia Isabel Gonzalez Garcia, Zulyn Sioni Gonzalez Gomez, Wilfredo Gonzalez Reyes, Eilyn Tatiana Madrigal Lopez, Geiner Francisco Mora Alfaro, Jose Daniel Mora Barrientos, Josue Fernando Morera Chaves, Kattia De Los Angeles Navarro Herrera, Rosa Alexandra Sandoval Martinez, Karla Vanessa Segura Corella, Gino Jose Serrano Esquivel, Maria Pilar Sevilla Marin, Seiny Marleny Suarez Bello, Aneth Priscila Amora Portuguez
Financial SupportFaculty of Environmental and Urban Change, Faculty of Health, York International, York University Libraries

Student Videos

Maleeha Meghjee

My film explores the idea of holistic health and well-being, and depicting the connections between health and the variety of conditions we experience. I wanted to show through these farmers stories, that health is so much more than we realize. My film explores these stories, relates them to our current definitions of well-being, and shows health beyond just our physical bodies.

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Gurjit Toor

Watch film: Peasant Life - Struggle, Resilience & Wellbeing (2021)

On the News & Events

Panel Discussion, February 10, 2022

With guest panelist, Dr. Kregg Hetherington (Concordia University), Dr. Felipe Montoya (York University) and Ph.D. Candidate, Mburucuya Marcela Ortiz Imlach (York University) |