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We Walk the Earth (2022)

1hr 00min 03sec | Documentary | Indigenous Peoples, Land Recovery, Wellbeing | November 23, 2022

We Walk the Earth speaks of Indigenous persistence in their homelands after more than 500 years of colonialism. It recounts struggles in Costa Rica for Indigenous rights to land, to self-governance and autonomy. Through the words of Bribri, Cabécar, Brunka and Bröran men and women, stories emerge of the pains suffered in the struggle to rightfully recover Indigenous Territories. The restoration of life and wellbeing through Indigenous Peoples’ stewardship of their land offers alternative ways to understand our relationship with the Earth.

We Walk the Earth was directed by Felipe Montoya, with Gilbert González Maroto as the academic lead. This documentary was made by the Las Nubes Project in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC) and the Faculty of Health (FoH) at York University in collaboration with the Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica, San Carlos Campus and York Libraries and the financial support of EUC, FoH, York International and York Libraries.

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Cast and Crew

DirectorFelipe Montoya
Academic LeadGilbert Gonzalez Maroto
Shared StoriesDoris Rios Rios, Yamileth Figueroa, Lesner Figueroa, Enrique Rivera, Digna Rivera, Elides Rivera, Heylin Figueroa, Julio Figueroa, José Domingo Lázaro, Marino Delgado, Youmer Helmut Mora, Cindy Vargas, Pablo Síbar, Ismael González, Rodrigo Fernández, Danny Nájera, Enid Rojas, Gilbert González
Executive ProducersJulie Hard, Ana Maria Martinez, Felipe Montoya, Mathieu Poirier
Camera Oscar Protti
EditorsOscar Protti, Felipe Montoya
Field ProductionGilbert González Maroto, Douglas Barraza
InterviewsFelipe Montoya, Douglas Barraza
AdvisorsChris Cavanagh, Joel Famadico Jr., Kelly Parke
YUL Advisors & RepositoryDana Craig, Tom Scott
Post-production GraphicsJoel Famadico Jr.
York University StudentsGurjot Bansi, Janani Manivannan, Alessia Scanga
Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica FacultyMaría Gabriela Castillo-Hernández, Gerardo Matamoros-Arce, Douglas Barraza
Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica StudentsCristina Mora Salas, Richard Alfaro Flores, Allison Araya Ugalde, Yafeth Vargas Rodríguez, Angélica Maroto, Telma Méndez Vargas
Financial SupportFaculty of Environmental and Urban Change, Faculty of Health, York International, York University Libraries, Universidad Técnica Nacional de Costa Rica, San Carlos Campus

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On the News & Events

Screening Premiere of Documentary 'We Walk the Earth' and Panel Discussion on November 23, 2022. RSVP Zoom