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The Alexander Skutch Avian Monitoring Program

The Alexander Skutch Avian Monitoring Program

Author(s): Simon Valdez
Published: 2008
Type: Report

The Avian Monitoring Program in the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor in south-central Costa Rica was conducted between October 2005 and April 2008. Using mist-netting techniques and standard banding protocol of the Institute of Bird Populations, (IBP), a total of 4,638 birds were banded belonging to 186 different species.

The main objectives of the Alexander Skutch Avian Monitoring Program were to assess the influence of human-dominated landscapes on bird abundance and diversity within the biological corridor and to provide educational opportunities for local residents to interact with the avian fauna present in the corridor. The overall goals of the monitoring program are to provide insight into which habitat types have the most conservation priority from a neotropical biodiversity perspective and to assess the value of shade-grown coffee as potential habitat areas for migratory and resident birds within the corridor.